Exterior Woodwork Repair

We work on all exterior woodwork,
doors, windows, fascia, soffite, cladding
just as an example. We can arrange
the joinery of purchase doors or
windows for the client, fit them and
glaze them. This is an example of a
door we supplied and fitted to replace
an old rotten door of the same style.

Extensive Repairs

This shows a shop front mid-repair.
We did extensive repairs to the
woodwork and made sure the
supporting posts were repaired suitably
to hold the weight. The joinery was
made to order for this job as being a
Grade 11 listed building it had to be
‘like for like’, keeping as much of the
historic material as possible.

Sash Window Repair

Sash window repair is our favourite
line of work. Personally I love to restore
something to its former glory or beyond.
This window has had a full cill replacement
all the way round. Repairs to the frame and
we rebuilt the top section because it was
very decayed. This has given this lovely
window a new lease of life and to keep the
clients warm we fitted it with the draft
proof system which reduces drafts noise
and makes the windows slide without effort.

WELCOME TO window repair specialists

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at our website, my name is Anthony Hughes and I have been a carpenter since 2004 and have been undertaking window repairs for 85% of my career.

Therefore I have developed a reliable technique that allows me to take a window from decay to perfection. Although I generally work on domestic properties I do have various contractors that get in touch to undertake commercial property repairs as there are few that offer my expertise.

The main cause of decay in exterior woodwork is poor maintenance. The constant exposure to water such as a leaking gutter or a burst pipe can accelerate decay. On almost every job I go to I see previous repairs that have been carried out incorrectly and as a result have failed. The issue with an incorrect repair (and allowing a tradesman to carry it out) is that it can ruin the opportunity to repair it correctly. Our practice is that the repair/join needs to be out of the weathering line. Now this can be explained in more detail, but quite simply any repair cut into horizontal timber will fail if it is exposed to the weather. Any vertical repair completed in the incorrect way will lead to the re-inset of decay and possible acceleration of decay in areas not initially effected. In truth some repairs can cause more damage than good. Our methods have been tried and tested and I value return customers so when we have repaired an item I like to remain the decorator for the client so we can ensure our work is always looked after accordingly.

We aim to keep as much of the historic content of the item when dealing with a listed building or a conservation area. When carrying out the work I first determine the cause of the issue to establish it won’t happen again. I take the time to explain and inform the customer so it is understood. Timber repairs are then carried out ‘like for like’ with the new identical sections, made in the same timber. This practice is approved by your local Conservation Officer.

I find it very satisfying to restore a window to its former glory as they are such lovely features when cared for correctly. It can alter the feel of a room when a window is rotten, draughty, and ugly to look at … or even leaking with mould growing on it.

A small input of time and correct procedures can lead to such a difference!

Secondary glazing and draft proofing

We supply and fit a very competitive and effective product which allows you to see the whole window and does not have any moving parts that can go wrong or go ugly.
Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

Secondary glazing – our specification

Can be removed and left off, replaced or renewed with a more discrete product. On request I have an example of the product I would recommend. We may need to charge for removing and replacing the secondary glazing should it be in the way of carpentry repairs. I won’t know until I have to remove it if it is time consuming or not. We will remove within our price whenever possible.

Draft excluders

Draft excluding systems can be fitted to sash windows, door frames and casement windows. These systems are tried and tested and with the sash windows makes an impressive difference to noise, rattle, sound and general function of the sashes.
Please enquire if this is of interest to you.


We glaze most projects that involve the old 3mm glass; 4mm float; laminate and toughened or double glazed units. Our glass is sourced from several glazing companies to remain competitive. Special glass can be arranged if there is a requirement. We putty, bead or silicone glazing into position depending on the window or frame and what has been used elsewhere on the property.


We fit all doors and locks, can source the product or tell you where to look to find products. We will always recommend which door suppliers to use so we can be sure of the quality.
Please enquire if you have any questions.


We also paint the windows and doors, to complete the job, please visit wepaintwindows for more information.

For more information on the services we can provide and to view our full gallery, please visit our parent company website AA Hughes Ltd:


“Last autumn Anthony removed, restored and re-instated two Victorian sliding-sash windows for us.  They each had rotting wood in several areas and the sills also needed treatment.  The windows were returned with seals and brushes for a closer fit and painting was carried out.  Anthony returned this spring to paint the new putty which needed to completely dry out to avoid cracking. He at the same time checked and over-painted other areas.

We were also advised about secondary double glazing to most practically and economically meet our needs and Anthony supplied and fitted panels to most of our windows.

I would highly recommend Anthony Hughes for window painting, repairs or replacement.  He not only has the necessary skills to physically do the work, but keeps in regular contact with phone calls or emails, turns up when expected, provides fast quotes and listens to the customer in order to recommend the best solution for their situation. He also provides a follow-up service to ensure that the work he has undertaken continues to meet the customers’ needs.”

The IngramsMichelmersh

“Anthony has been employed by The White Horse Hotel on two occasions for maintenance to the front and rear. As a grade two listed building his team have been sensitive to the buildings age and have performed an excellent job. Anthony is always conscious of the Hotels need to look impeccable and touches up any weathering when he sees the need.

His staff are always courteous and tidy when leaving the site and I would highly recommend them to others.”

General ManagerThe White Horse Hotel, Romsey

We were highly satisfied with the quality of workmanship and service we received, during the external restoration and redecoration of our traditional wood finished shop front.

Winkworth Romsey

Anthony and his team provide a professional high quality service and achieve superb results. They must be good we keep getting them back for the next job.

Philip KnightDirector at Verve Accounting Limited

We have known Anthony for several years now.  He has done the painting of all our sash windows and recently he has project managed a sensational makeover of our kitchen.  He is delightful, works to the highest standards, cleans up after the job in hand and I would and have recommended Anthony Hughes to many of our friends.

The Chester’sWinchester

If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us to arrange a meeting!